Distance Treatments


Healing energy comes from the Divine, and distance is not a limitation. Our Associate and Registered Practitioners provide this service across the world for anyone who requests it.

For distance treatment some preparation is needed. You will need to create a suitable environment which is quiet and free from interruption. You are advised to offer a prayer with the intention of receiving the healing energy and making progress with it. It is preferable that you meditate while you are receiving the treatment. This is to facilitate your receptiveness for the healing.

Please arrange a time with one of our Associate or Registered Practitioner of your choice through our Distance Treatment Request form. Your Associate or Registered Practitioner will carry out the treatment at the agreed time in exactly the same manner as an in-person treatment.

After the treatment, you are encouraged to communicate your experience with your Associate or Registered Practitioner and to seek advice from them if required.


Privacy Note:

We respect your privacy and we are not a commercial organisation. However, if you would like to share some of your non-personal aspects of your treatment experience please tell your Associate or Registered Practioner what information you would like to share. Sharing non personal information may help and reassure others and assist them with their own experience.

Any personal information is stored only on secure servers and is not shared or made available to any third party or organisation other than The Mir Sufi Healing Association. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please feel free to Contact Us.

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