Teacher Training Advice



In addition to the general prerequisites which apply to all levels, it is important that the following special requirements are met:

1. Application

All applicants must be referred through recommendation by a teacher. All applicants must submit a written application.

2. Assessment and Interview

All applicants will be assessed and interviewed by a panel from the Mir Sufi Healing Association, chaired by the Pir.

3. Experience

Applicants should have at least two years experience as a Mir Sufi Healing Professional Practitioner and show sustained membership of the Mir Sufi Healing Association throughout that time.

4. Attitude

Applicants must believe that becoming a teacher is an extension of the service they already provide as a practitioner. It is not a means to acquire status or qualifications. It is important to have an understanding of the special responsibility afforded to Mir Sufi Healing teachers, especially in keeping the integrity of the Mir Sufi Healing System.

5. Initiate to Sufi Path

Applicants should show ongoing commitment to their Sufi Path and consider the Mir Sufi Healing Teacher Training as integral to their practices. One cannot become a Mir Sufi Healing Teacher without commitment to a Sufi Path. The connection this affords keeps the teacher focused and correctly aligned and deepens their understanding and experience in all dimensions.  Following a Sufi Path keeps one focused on serving others and keeps the attitude and expectation aligned with this.  This is particularly important after completing the Professional Practitioner Level, when one experiences fluctuation in attitude caused by the pull of the ego against service.

6. Permission from Sufi Teacher

Those who are initiated to a Sufi Path other than the Mir Sufi Path, should seek permission from their Sufi Teacher before applying.

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