Practitioner Training Advice



In addition to the general prerequisites which apply to all levels, it is important that the following special requirements are met:

1. Attitude and expectation:

Applicants must believe that being a practitioner is only to serve others and not to gain status, fame or self-gratification. Previous experience has proven that this system will not sustain anyone who is not committed to service. Lacking the desire to serve deprives one from experiencing the system fully and progress is hindered.

2. Initiate to Sufi Path:

Before committing to the training program, applicants must already be initiated to a Sufi Path, or must investigate and join a Sufi Path. Being on a Sufi Path deepens the understanding of this healing system, making one a more effective channel. It also assists one to sustain the flow of energy within and for the benefit of others. Following a Sufi Path keeps one focused on serving others and keeps the attitude and expectation aligned with this. This is particularly important after one has attained the Professional Practitioner Level, when one experiences fluctuation in attitude caused by the pull of the ego against service.

3. Permission from Sufi Teacher:

Those who are initiated to a Sufi Path other than the Mir Sufi Path should ask permission from their Sufi Teacher before applying.

4. Interview:

All applicants will be interviewed by the teacher.

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