Level 4: Practitioner Training / Stage Two


To complete this Level you will be required to find a professional venue in which to practice as a Trainee Practitioner.


  • All applicants must have completed and passed Level Three.  Your application must be supported by your Level Three Registered Teacher.

Course Outline:

Level 4 - Part 1


Self Healing

Self Healing

How to Treat Yourself at Level Four

Professional Practice

Diagnostics of the Human Energy Field (Part Two)
How to set up a Professional Practice


Self Healing Practical
Professional Treatment (Theory and Practice)

Level 4 - Part 2


Level Four Attunement

Self Cleansing

What is Self Cleansing in Level Four

Setting Up Professional Practice

Professional Code of Conduct
How to Review Your Practice


Self Cleansing
Submission of Case Studies in Professional Environment

How to Apply:

Please discuss with your Level Three Registered Teacher.
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