Level 1: Self Healing


The First Level is an opportunity for all to experience Mir Sufi Healing for themselves.


Applicants must have received at least one distance or in-person treatment from a Mir Sufi Healing Practitioner.

Course Outline:

Level 1 - Part 1

What is Mir Sufi Healing?

The Human Energy System

Practical Exercises:

Self Treatment
Treatment of Your Energy Field


Level 1 - Part 2


Preparation for Attunement
What is Attuned
Level One Attunement


Cleansing Practices
Duration of Cleansing

Assessment and Support


How to Apply:

Please see our list of Registered Teachers and choose one.  You can fill out an online application and follow the process of registration or check our Events Calendar for classes, dates and locations.  The Registered Teacher will advise you of the process.

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