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We would like your support to help us to carry out our work effectively and efficiently and to make it available to all.

Donations are used to support Mir Sufi Healing activities including raising awareness of Healing across the world. Funds are also put toward the expansion and development of our teaching system. This includes, producing teaching materials using new media, open days, conferences and the production of publications where needed. Some funds are set aside for scholarships, to subsidise the training of those with exceptional potential for becoming a Practitioner or Teacher and who cannot afford to pay for their own training.

The Pir (Master) and some Teachers and Practitioners make no financial gain from their work or their participation with the Mir Sufi Healing Association. Any fees paid for their treatments or courses are donated by them to the Mir Sufi Healing Association. Therefore any donation you make is used very effectively.

Mir Sufi Healing has reached communities in more than sixty (60) countries. By expanding our training system, more Practitioners and Teachers can be trained across the world. Due to the intensity and length of the training, this process takes time and each individual requires significant support from the Mir Sufi Healing Association and registered teachers to complete their training.

You can support us in several ways:

  • Make a Donation now by credit/debit card or by other means (cheque/bank transfer etc)
  • Mention Mir Sufi Healing in relevant Internet forums & chatrooms (but please do not spam)
  • Put up posters at your place of work, local library or college campus or other places which are possible and appropriate

We thank you in advance for your support.

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