What is Mir Sufi Healing?



"All that you have seen or heard or known,
is not even the beginning of what you must know."
     - Attar (Sufi mystic and poet)

From the beginning of time, humans have sought knowledge of healing. Hands-on healing is now widely accepted as a means to reduce physical and emotional stress within the body and its organs.

Sufi healing is a system of healing which has been practiced by Sufis through the Ages. It was practiced by most Pirs (Masters/Teachers), Sheikhs and Mystics of the Sufi Path. It is spiritual healing based on Sufi practices.

The essence of Mir Sufi Healing is derived from Sufi Healing. It has evolved into its present system in order to make it available to all. In this current system, not only can someone experience being healed, they also experience the process of the healing. Because the receiver is focused through the process of healing, their appreciation and participation is greater. Mir Sufi Healing is applied to the whole human energy field and promotes healing on a fundamental level.

Mir Sufi Healing can cleanse, heal and help you on physical, emotional and psychological levels. Once you have understood yourself on those levels, then you may want to progress on a spiritual level. The healing energy will go to wherever it is most needed. Mir Sufi Healing works on the root causes of any ailment or issue that a person has.

The Sufi Way is the way in which Sufis apply spirituality to their whole existence in every aspect of their lives. The Sufi Way is based upon intense love with the Divine. Because of this intense love, a Sufi refers to the Creator (God) as the Beloved. The teaching of Mir Sufi Healing is rooted in the Sufi Way.

Mir Sufi Healing is one of the practices of The Mir Sufi Path. Others include Mir Sufi Chi and Mir Sufi Yoga.

Today, Mir Sufi Healing is practiced in more than 60 countries by people of all cultures and faiths.

Through this website, you can request a distant attunement to Mir Sufi Healing and get the assistance of a registered teacher to facilitate your practice with Mir Sufi Healing.

"Pain and sickness are a reflection of our approach to life.
Sometimes illnesses are natural,
but often we create them."

Mir Mahmoud Hadian,
Pir of Mir Sufi Healing

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