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Welcome to Mir Sufi Healing

Welcome to the Mir Sufi Healing web site.

The media informs us daily of the horror and tragedy taking place in our world.  Despite high profile campaigns and enormous amounts of money raised by many, to save the world from hunger, poverty, exploitation and war, nothing has substantially changed.

We are in a crucial time for humanity and our survival as human beings really depends upon our individual will to heal and understand ourselves. Each one of us has the potential to experience this healing.

By working on yourself and striving to understand and heal yourself, you may begin to understand the real potential of healing for the benefit of others. The impact of working on yourself ripples out around you, both to people and to the environment.  You can only change the world by first changing yourself. As human beings, we have that responsibility upon us and we are also responsible for each other.  Once you have experienced the potential of this healing then you may become a channel to help and heal others.

My vision is that everyone should have the opportunity to experience Mir Sufi Healing, and through it contribute to healing of the world as a whole.


“Humanity doesn’t just require the external corrective help
that we ordinarily apply to social problems around the world.
What is really required is the pure correction of the individual,
and the principle of love between us.”


Mir Mahmoud Hadian,
Pir of Mir Sufi Healing

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